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Marriages Dec Qtr 1838

HALLAM Thomas Basford 15 879
SHORE Mary Basford 15 879
BUNNY DOES come under Basford!

Created 1st July 1837. Mainly in Nottinghamshire, but included parts of Derbyshire.
Sub-districts : Basford; Beeston; Bulwell; Carlton; Greasley; Hucknall Torkard; Ilkeston; Wilford.
GRO volumes : XV (1837-51); 7b (1852-1930).
Annesley, Arnold, Awsworth, Barton in Fabis, Basford (1837-99), Beeston, Bestwood Park (from 1877), Bilborough, Bradmore, Brinsley, Bulwell (1837-99), Bunny, Burton Joyce, Calverton, Carlton, Clifton with Glapton, Colwick, Cossall, Eastwood, Felley, Gamston, Gedling, Gotham, Greasley, Hucknall Torkard, Kimberley, Kirkby in Ashfield, Lambley, Linby, Newstead, North Wilford (1837-99), Nuthall, Papplewick, Ruddington, Selston, South Wilford, Standard Hill (1862-80), Stoke Bardolph, Strelley, Thrumpton, Trowell, West Bridgford, Wollaton, Woodborough.
Registers now in Basford, Nottingham, Rushcliffe, Mansfield, Ilkeston and East Retford districts.
Family: F168
2 12 aug 1908 No:253
Walter Lunn 23 Miner Shuttlewood James Lunn labourer
Mary elizabeth Crowder 21 Do John Crowder farmer
Witnesses; Oliver crowder & Beatrice Leivers 
Family: F135
3 7 Apr 1888 Cotmanhay Church
George Fearn 20 Batchelor Miner Cotmanhay Father: Elisha Fearn (dec) Miner
Mary Jane Hallam 24 Spin Cotmanhay Father: John Hallam Publican
Witness: Samuel Hallam Louisa Beer 
Family: F030
4 7 Jul 1889 Samuel Hallam 22 B Guard Shipley John Hallam Inn keeper
Louisa Beer 21 S Shipley William Beer Miner
Witnesses Herbert Hallam Mary Ann Beer 
Family: F127
5 9 June 1832, Thomas Hallam and Hannah Moon were married at Kirk Hallam, with witnesses Maria Moon (Sister) and Joseph Smedley Family: F123
6 Bolsover Parish - Matlock M499 Vol 2 1901 - 1915
No 482 March 13 1915
Oliver Crowder 27 Labourer Clowne rd, Shuttlewood John Crowder Farmer
Louisa Argyle 26 1 Clowne Rd, Suttlewood Henry Argyle-Deceased Miner
Wit: Amos Argyle / Edith Barley 
Family: F148
7 Christ Church Cotmanhay Parish Records - Marriages
No: 77, Page: 39
August 8, 1914. Isaac Webster 25, Fitter, Cotmanhay, .... Shop Keeper
Mary Alice Hallam 25, Cotmanhay, William Hallam, Property Owner
Witness: J.W.Hallam / E. Webster
Witness by my direct descendant 
Family: F165
8 Christ Church, Cotmanhay - Ref: M513 Reel 1903 to 1931.
No: 417 Page 209
May 16, 1910. Thomas Hallam 27, Miner 7, Archer St. Thomas Hallam Miner
Sarah Ann Gibson 27, Domestic Service Do William Gibson Miner
Witnesses: Arthur Hallam Grace Hallam 
Family: F161
9 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F163
10 Christ Church, Cotmanhay. Parish records, Marriages:
No: 78 Page: 39
August 22, 1914 John Howard Nicklin 28, Joiner, Ilkeston, James Horsley Nicklin, Architect
Charlotte Hallam 23, Cotmanhay, William Hallam, Property Owner
Witness; J.W.Hallam / J. H. Ralawn?
Once again, my direct descendant John William Hallam. 
Family: F166
11 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F167
12 Cotmanhay Christ Church, Parish Records:
17 March, 1879, Robert Linager 30, Miner, Heanor, John Linager (deceased), Labourer
Hannah Hallam 21, Shipley, John Hallam, Under viewer
Witness: John Hallam / Bethia Hallam 
Family: F141
13 Cotmanhay Parish Church. Banns of Marriages:
No: 32
1895 William Hallam of this parish & Charlotte Elizabeth Winfield of Heanor
Banns read May 24, 31

Marriages Mar Qtr 1895
Hallam William Basford 7b 193  
Family: F164
14 Divorced 1938 Family: F1190
15 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1029
16 Divorced 1952 Family: F1191
17 Found reference to the marriage in Matlock Archive Centre. Read the actual Books of Marriages and Banns, from the Christ Church, Cotmanhay. Also found Banns of Arthur Woolley and Emma Caunt.
Reel M513 Vol 8&9 No 345 Page 173
Sept 10 1921
Herbert Woolley 29 Colliery Clerk Cotmanhay Authur Woolley (deceased) Labourer
Ethel Aram 26 Ilkeston Moses Aram Labourer
Witnesses: William James Bryan, Marjorie Harrison 
Family: F040
18 Hannah LEE
Sex: F

Spouse: George SIMPSON
Marriage: 9 Feb 1867
Alfreton, Derby, England

Source Information:
Batch number: Dates Source Call No. Type Printout Call No. Type
M046274 -1855 1041621 Film 6900044 Film
Family: F078
19 Holy Trinity, Cotmanhay
13 Sep 1890 Herbert Hallam 22 B Miner Ilk John Hallam Inn keeper
Elizabeth Henshaw 19 S Cot J John Henshaw Miner
Witnesses John Hallam Bethia Hallam 
Family: F128
20 IGI = Batch: M139172 1886 - 1895 Source: 1042032
Marriage: 26 MAY 1858 Holy Trinity, Mapperley, Derby, England
Family: F236
21 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F132
22 Marriage Cert Ref: 7b 780 1919
William Lane
Winifred Naylor 
Family: F024
23 Marriage certificate 8 December 1906 (obtained 8/2/02):
John William Hallam, aged 22, Bachelor, Coal Miner of North Norman Street, Cotmanhay. No father or proffession entered.
Ada Woolley, aged 20, spinster of North Norman Street, Cotmanhay. Father Aurthur Woolley, Labourer at Gas Works.
Married according to the Rites & Ceremonies of the Methodist Free Church.
Ebenezer Chapel, Awsworth Road, Ilkeston, Derbys.
Witnesses: Edward Davies, Elizabeth Pope. 
Family: F029
24 Page 137
Where Married Bolsover Parish Church by Banns
No 273 14th Aug 1865
Name Age Condition Profession Address Fathers Name Fathers Profession
JOHN CROWDER 20 Bachelor Labourer Bolsover George Crowder Labourer
MARY GASCOYNE 20 Spinster Bolsover John GASCOYNE Sweep
Witnesses William Dawson. Elizabeth Dawson 
Family: F027
25 Page 36
where Married By Banns in The parish of Bolsover
No: 72 2nd Dec 1844
Name Age Cond Profession Address Fathers Name Fathers Profession
GEORGE CROWDER FULL Bachelor Labourer Bolsover FRANCIS CROWDER Labourer
ANNE COUPE FULL Spinster Bolsover BENJAMIN COUPE S??cking Maker
Witnesses Henry Mellors, Mary Anne Coupe. All signed with a cross X 
Family: F033
26 Page 41, No.121 Banns of Marriage Book, Parish Church, Cotmanhay. Held at Matlock FHS record Office.
From Jean, David Kirk & Marian

Christ Church Cotmanhay, April 11 1887.
Arthur Woolley 22 Gotham Joseph Hardy (stepfather)
& Emily Caunt 20 Ruddington
Witness: Emma Walker & John Hardy
Vicar: E.T. Stiaton Fowler. 
Family: F007
BULWELL St Mary Samuel LANE WARD Martha Ann 07/11/1886 
Family: F025
28 please goto Lane family Tree: 
Family: F242
29 Poss Mariage: Source: NottsFHS Marriage Index CD 1533 to 1900
SUTTON IN ASHFIELD Thomas WILSON Elizabeth SMITH 30/01/1809 
Family: F023
30 William FISHER Sex: M

Marriage(s): Spouse: Sarah SMEETON Marriage: 22 Aug 1803 Selston, Nottingham, England
Source Information:
Batch number: Dates Source Call No. Type Printout Call No. Type
M015742 1557-1752 0095048 Film 0883817 Film
M015742 1751-1812 0095049 Film NONE
Family: F156
31 Regarding the identity of Clemence, mother of Joan of England, wife of
Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, Prince of North Wales, the following information
might be helpful.

The actual entry in the Tewksbury annals which pertains to Joan's
mother, "Queen" Clemence, reads as follows:

Year: A.D. 1236

Obiit domina Johanna domina Walliae, uxor Lewelini filia regis
Johannis et regina Clemencie, iii. kal. Aprilis."

[Died lady Joan lady of Wales, wife of Llywelyn, daughter of King John
and Queen Clemence, 3 Kal. April."

Reference: Henry Richard Luard, Annales Monastici, 1 (1864): 101.

In this case, the monk was evidently indulging in medieval legalism.
Before her death, Joan had been legitimized by the Pope. On the
basis of that legitimization, the Tewksbury monk evidently chose to
elevate Joan's mother to the status of Queen, as if Joan's mother had
been King John's wife. In point of fact, King John and Joan's mother,
Clemence, were never married. By referring to Joan's mother as
"Queen" Clemence, the monk who recorded Joan's death was showing his
extreme respect for Joan, not attempting to alter the facts.

The item from the Patent Rolls cited by Robert Battle below involving
Joan's daughter, Susanna, was located by me some years ago.
Basically, the document states that King Henry III is entrusting the
care of his niece, Susanna (daughter of Llywelyn and Joan), to the
care of Nicholas de Verdun and Clemence, his wife.

On the surface, there would be nothing to suggest any connection
between Susanna of Wales and Clemence, wife of Nicholas de Verdun.
However, Susanna was almost certainly being held in England as a
hostage as a guarantee for good behavior on the part of her father,
Llywelyn. Her brother, David, for instance, was being held hostage in
England at the time of the Magna Carta.

My experience with foreign hostages has been that they were often
placed with their English relatives, if any were available. To verify
that, one has only to consult the long list of Scottish hostages in
this period, who I discovered were repeatedly placed with their
English kinsmen. Being a hostage in this period basically meant the
person was under house arrest. Under such circumstances, it is easy
to understand why such persons were placed with their own relations.

The fact that Clemence, wife of Nicholas de Verdun, is mentioned at
all catches the eye. Under normal circumstances, the wife would not
be named. The fact that she was so named suggests she had some
interest in Susanna. Given the fact we know that Susanna's
grandmother was named Clemence, it becomes readily apparent that
Clemence, wife of Nicholas de Verdun, was Susanna's own grandmother.
That this is true is underscored by the fact that when the king later
granted Susanna's care to another individual, no mention was made of
the other man's wife. Even more important, the name Clemence is
extremely rare among English noble women of this period. The fact
that anyone named Clemence would be associated with Susanna is

As for the identity of Clemence de Verdun, Paget shows that she was
the daughter of Roger de Dauntsey, of Wiltshire. It is interesting
that Clemence would hail from Wiltshire. Over the years, I've
noticed that King John had a strong attachment to Wiltshire, it being
the home of his most trusted allies, the Longespee, Marshal, and
Basset families and Geoffrey Fitz Peter, Earl of Essex. Surely, given
that his strongest supporters were all Wiltshire people suggests that
King John spent much time there.

Back in 1992, I shared my findings on Clemence de Dauntsey with Gary
Boyd Roberts, who in turn placed her name as Joan's mother in his
book, Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants, published in 1993. On page
305, he notes that I was then planning an article on Princess Joan and
her mother, Clemence. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the
article was never published as scheduled. However, I do plan to
include a discussion of Clemence de Dauntsey in my forthcoming book,
Plantagenet Ancestry, 3rd edition. For those interested in obtaining
a copy of the book, please contact me privately at my e-mail address

In this case, I think the evidence is suggestive but not conclusive
that Clemence de Dauntsey was Princess Joan's mother. Perhaps with a
little prodding of the records, the desired conclusive evidence of Joan's parentage will yet be

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah
32 From the Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland (1838) for Ballywillan Parish in
North Antrim. Describing the old parish church and graveyard at Ballywillan
(near to Portrush) "On the south side of the church is situated a tombstone,
erected 1713, to the memory of Mrs Dorothea Ross, who is said to be a
natural daughter to King James. She was married to a Mr Ross, a merchant of
33 Found burial at Church of St.Peters & St.Paul, Sutton Cum Duckmanton - thro' gate, r/h/s, second tree, 12 feet on, 12 feet to right. Large low square stones.
M.I. Mary Ann Robinson, Died Dec 15 1925 Aged 50 Years.
Also, John William Robinson, Her beloved Husband, Died Jan 2 1939, aged 64 Years. 
? Mary (Marie) Ann
34 [Hollingg.ged]

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. 
ABEL Elizabeth
35 [Hollingg.ged]

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. 
ABEL Elizabeth
36 Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect ALBRET Henri II D', NAVARRE
37 Possibly from Radcliffe on Trent Born around 1858 ANN Sarah
38 Thomas Patrick Anson, the 5th Earl of Lichfield (born April 25, 1939), better known as Patrick Lichfield, is a British photographer and a first cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II, his mother Anne Bowes-Lyon (1917 - 1980) having been a niece of the late Queen Mother.
He inherited the earldom of Lichfield from his paternal grandfather, but does not use his title in his professional practice.

Lichfield was educated at Harrow School and Sandhurst, and joined the Grenadier Guards in 1959. On leaving the army in 1962, he began to work as a photographer's assistant, and built up his own reputation, partly as a result of having access to the royal family. He was, not surprisingly, selected to take the official photographs of the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1981. Since that time, he has been one of the UK's best-known photographers. Since 1999 he has been a pioneer of digital photography at a professional standard. His estate is Shugborough, near Cannock Chase in Staffordshire. 
ANSON Thomas Patrick John, of Lichfield
39 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
40 On page 151 of Eleanor of Aquitaine by Alison Weir she says "On 10 January 1156, having spent more than a year in England, Henry crossed from Dover to Wissant and returned to Normandy to attend to the affairs of his continental fiefs, leaving Richard de Lucy as regent and placing Eleanor and their children under the guardianship of Archbishop Theobald and John of Salisbury; the Pipe Rolls show that the Queen was paid allowances for the two boys, and also record that she was supporting in her household her sister Petronilla and their two bastard brothers, William and Joscelin. During the period 1154-8 there are thirty-six entries relating to Exchequer payments to William, as well as regular payments of generous sums for wine for Petronilla."

She says that Petronilla was married to Raoul, count of Vermandois and that he died in 1151. She further says that Petronilla's date of death is not recorded. 
AQUITAINE Elbeonore Princess Of
41 Dear Newsgroup ~

Contemporary medieval records indicate that King Henry VI of England
was related to King Alfonso V, King of Aragon [Reference: Thomas
Rymer, Foedera 11(1727): 18 ([Alfonso V], King of Aragón styled

Were King Henry VI of England and King Alfonso V of Aragaon related
within the 5th degree on at least one side. Answer: Yes, they were.

Below please find a chart which shows King Henry VI and King Alfonso
V's common descent from Fadrique II, King of Sicily (died 1337). The
chart indicates the two kings were related in the 5th degree of
kindred (that is, 4th cousins).

Fadrique II, King of Sicily
/ /
Isabelle/Elizabeth of Sicily Pedro II, King of Sicily
=Stephen II, Duke of Bavaria /
/ /
Stephen III, Duke of Bavaria Leonora of Sicily
/ = Pedro IV, King of Aragon
/ /
Isabeau of Bavaria Eleanore of Aragon
= Charles VI, King of France = Juan I, King of Castile
/ /
Katherine of France Fernando I, King of Aragon
=Henry V, King of England and Sicily
/ /
Henry VI, King of England Alfonso V, King of Aragon 
ARAGÓN & SICILY Alfonso V "The Magnificent" King Of
42 ASTOR Pauline
43 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
44 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
45 John Jacob Astor IV died on the Titanic in 1912. He left the main part of his fortune to his son William Vincent Astor, who married three times but had no children. This part of the Astor fortune ended in a philanthropic foundation and the family is no longer among the wealthiest in America. 
ASTOR William Vincent
46 AUSTRIA Ferdinand I, Karl Leopold Joseph Emperor Of, King of Hungary
47 By Christina Barclay, James V had a son "James tertius". BARCLAY Christina
48 [Hollingg.ged]

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. 
49 [Hollingg.ged]

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. 
50 Son of an undertaker from Daventry. BODILY Richard

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