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Female 1514 - 1551

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Generation: 1
  1. ERIKSDOTTER (LEIJONHUFVUD) Margareta was born 1 Jan 1514, Ekeberga, Lillkyrka, Orebro, Sweden; died 26 Aug 1551, Tynnelso, Overselo, Sodermanland, Sweden; buried Cathedral, Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden.

    Margareta married ERIKSSON KING OF SWEDEN VASA Gustaf I 1 Oct 1536, , Uppsala, Stoskman, Sweden. Gustaf (son of JOHANSSON (VASA) Erik and MANSDOTTER Cecilia) was born 12 May 1495, Of Lindholmen, Orkesta, Stockholm, Sweden; died 26 Sep 1560, Stockholm, Sweden. [Group Sheet]

    1. GUSTAFSSON (VASA) KING OF SWEDEN Johan III was born 21 Dec 1537, Of Stegeborg Castle, Gryt, Ostergotland, Sweden; died 17 Nov 1592, Stockholm Palace, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden; buried 1 Feb 1594, Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden.
    2. GUSTAFSDOTTER (VASA) PRINCESS OF SWEDEN Katarina was born 6 Jun 1539, Stockholm Slot, Nikolai, Stockholm, Sweden; christened 20 Jul 1539, Stockholm Slot, Nikolai, Stockholm, Sweden; died 21 Dec 1610, Berum, Hannover, Prussia; buried Aurich, Hannover, Prussia.
    3. GUSTAFSDOTTER VASA Cecilia was born 6 Nov 1540, Stockholm Slott, Nikolai, Stockholm, Sweden; died 27 Jan 1627, Bruxelles, Brabant, Belgium.
    4. GUSTAFSSON (VASA) PRINCE OF SWEDEN Magnus was born 25 Jul 1542, Royal Palace, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden; died 26 Jun 1595, Kungsbro, Vreta Kloster, Ostergotland, Sweden; buried 22 Nov 1595, Monastary Church, Vadstena, Ostergotland, Sweden.
    5. GUSTAFSSON (VASA) Karl was born 1544, ; died 1544.
    6. GUSTAFSDOTTER (VASA) PRINCESS OF SWEDEN Anna was born 19 Jun 1545, Stockholm Slott, Nikolai, Stockholm, Sweden; died 30 Mar 1610, Lauterecken, Pfalz, Bavaria; buried Klosterkirche, Remigiusberg, Pfalz, Bavaria.
    7. GUSTAFSSON (VASA) Sten was born 1546, Stockholm Castle, Nikolai, Stockholm, Sweden; died 1547.
    8. GUSTAFSDOTTER (VASA) PRINCESS OF SWEDEN Sofia was born 29 Oct 1547, Stockholm Slot, Nikolai, Stockholm, Sweden; died 17 Mar 1611, Ekolsund, Husby-Sjutolft, Uppsala, Sweden; buried 22 Apr 1612, Strangnas, Sodermanland, Sweden.
    9. SWEDEN Elisabeth Gustafsdotter (Vasa) Princess Of was born 4 Apr 1549, , Kungshor Vastmanland, Sweden; died 20 Nov 1597, , Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden; buried 1598, , Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden.
    10. SWEDEN Karl IX Gustafsson (Vasa) King Of was born 4 Oct 1550, Royal Palace, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden; died 30 Oct 1611, Nykhoping, Shodermanland, Sweden; buried 16 Apr 1612, Strhangnhas Cathedral, Strhangnhas, Shodermanland, Sweden.

Generation: 2

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